What To Drink?

Juices, fizzy drinks and all sorts of energy drinks are easily available at the local supermarket you usually go to. A lot of questions will probably arise: what should I drink? What is the best drink out there? Do I even need to drink those things? Or should you just resort to plain, normal water?

As you may know, most of these drinks that are available at your supermarket are pretty much unnecessary for your body to stay healthy. On the contrary, you should actually try to stay away from most of these drinks: they usually contain a high amount of sugar and colourings which are bad for your health. Drinking them once in a while is not a problem, but you do need to do so sparingly. Making your own fruit juice at home is the best idea for when you think you need a drink, but store bought sugar-free fruit juices are fine as well. When it comes to water though, there are a few recommendations out there, like whether to choose tap water, normal bottled water or Hot Cold Water Dispenser.

First of all, stay away from anything that is not labelled as potable water. Even though the water itself might look fine, you cannot see if there are any dissolved chemicals or heavy metals, which are downright dangerous if taken in (even trace amounts can lead to irreparable organ and tissue damage!). When it comes to tap water, you should get to know where your water comes from. This way you can tell if your water is good for drinking or whether you should stick to safer alternatives. You may also be put off by the chlorine taste in your home water supply.

Bottled water also comes in different types. Some brands of bottled water are actually just bottling up normal tap water, while others are bottling up water which comes from natural springs. Check on the label of the bottles if you want to opt for spring water: manufactures can only claim their water to be spring water if it does really come from a natural spring. Other similar words like purified water or distilled water do not verify the fact that the bottled water is natural spring water. When it comes to bottled water, mineral waterhas rapidly been gaining a lot of popularity. Either because of its taste or the added mineral content, people have been keen on purchasing more and more mineral liquid as of recent. The added minerals are surely good for your health, although people with a high sodium level in their blood might want to reconsider.

In conclusion, no matter what kind of water you want to drink, be sure that it is safe for your consumption and that you drink enough of it daily!

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