Two Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting A Nursery School For Your Child

So here you are today, your little one is growing and now it is time for you to find a good nursery school for her or him. Time has flown so quickly that you did not even notice that your child now is ready to learn more about the world. Until today, it was you and your partner; if you have one, who has taught her everything she needed to know. From words to colours and eating without throwing a tantrum, you have tried to teach them everything. However now they are older, they are no more the clinging infant rather they are a toddler. Therefore you have to find the perfect nursery to teach them languages, arithmetic, art and crafts and more.

So how can you find the perfect nursery? Well to start with you might want to know that there are no perfect nurseries in the world, let alone HongKong. However you could find very good nurseries and how do you do that, well you just have to keep in mind the following two things.

The nursery should be multicultural.

This might seem unimportant however it is not so. A nursery or a preschool education in Hong Kong; as they are sometimes called, should be one that has children from different cultures. When children interact with other children from different cultures, they would become more open minded and respectful to those cultures and their own when they grow older. This is because they would learn that underneath the cultural views, the colour, and race, everyone are human beings.

They would thus be friendly to people regardless of how they look, and what their nationality and ethnicity is. In a world that is heading towards globalization, you cannot have a closed mind.  You need to open up and embrace the world and all of its differences, and if you are in an environment where you can actively interact with other cultures, this would come to you naturally.

Teachers should be observant and open minded.

When you drop off your child in a nursery or a preschool in HongKong. You are going to leave them here for a good couple of hours under the care of the teacher. Therefore it is necessary that you put your child in the care of teachers who would not judge there nor be un-observant. Toddlers are not able to speak fluently, this means they would instead choose to communicate through expressions and actions. If the teacher is not able to notice this, she would not be able to respond to your child effectively.

The teacher should in addition to knowing what the child is trying to say through behaviour, also be willing to not make judgments. Just because a child broke a toy does not mean he is naughty and similarly a child who listens to the teacher should not be labeled as an angel. IF a label is put on a child, the child will begin to act according to the label. They would be true to themselves. Therefore observe and speak to teachers before sending yoru child to the nursery they are working in.

In the end, your child’s wellbeing is important, both at present and in the future therefore always keep the above I mind when selecting a nursery.

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